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I'll Be True To You - A Brad/Ray fanmix - 'I Burn At the Ends' Art Masterpost

Title: I burn at the ends (I learn to regret)
Author: saline_joy
Crafter 1: enjoyelsilence
Fandom: Generation Kill
Character/Pairing(s): Ray, Brad, Nate, Ray/Brad, Rudy, Lilley, Trombley, Mike Wynn, Poke, past Nate/Walt
Rating: R
Link to Fic Masterpost: here on AO3.
Notes: Most thanks to Julie (saline_joy) for allowing me to make a mix for her amazing fic and dealing with all my nagging about everything else. I hope you love it. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I made making it. Now, go read the fic, seriously. Go!

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025☆ last time you zapped me someplace, i didn't poop for a week

Hi, I'm Vicky and I'm addicted to making fanmixes.

So, there's this show called Supernatural, right? It's about these two bros who drive around and fight some crime and do cool shit that we wish we did! (We actually don't) final_memories came over one weekend in early June and practically shoved the first season DVD down my throat. Now, I've been putting off watching this show for some unknown reason. I just didn't want to succumb to it yet because we all know how I go about when I get attached to something. Either way, Claire wasn't taking no for an answer so I had to deal with it. Come now and it's probably been a week since I finished season 6. Oh, fuck yeah, I'm hooked but I'm also conflicted and don't know what to do with my emotions for this show and Dean and Castiel in particular. I don't need any more agony in my life because of a freakin' ship especially after season 6.

All I know is that the entire month of June was full of me watching this non-stop, screaming, crying, ugly sobbing, laughing until I cried some more and hyperventilating. My poor little heart is still swirling in silly love songs and in the massive rec post that my dear friend, sunlight_dust made for me. Seriously, this stupid fucking show making me feel all these things that I thought I had stopped feeling but obviously that's not true because hello! I live the life of a masochist and I love me some good goddamn television. Honestly my way of coping at season 6 was to bundle up all the sad and depressing songs on my library and play them as I sobbed my life away. So yeah, the end of the mix deals with the fuckery that is season 6. I'm still taking everything in so come back in like 10 years when I'm ready to talk about why I adore these two characters so much. In the meantime, have this.

defy the great line: a dean/castiel fanmix

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024☆ measure love by any success


Okay, so this fanmix accompanies softshinythings's epic tale called Tired and Wired. It is the most epic thing ever and I am smitten with it to the bloody bones, I DON'T EVEN CARE. I'm still kind of amazed that someone combinded the trifecta AND managed to do it so flawlessly. Katy, my dear, I thank you endlessly for it. I look forward to new chapters more than I look forward to having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, Katy's done two amazing famixes that are so amazing and wonderful and mine isn't near that kind of perfection. They've been on loop for me lately so that goes as to saying how awesome they really are. This fanmix is something I sprouted out as I came to realization that my shuffle knew just exactly what I needed to hear whilst reading. I swear. We Looked Like Giants came on during a Ray/Walt segment and Eyes to Sledge and Snafu. IT WAS FATE. Besides, I truly adore Katy, she is a wonderful human being so I figured I'd do this to say my thanks and confess my love to her. Yeah, it's a big deal.

The mix is divided into two parts because 28 songs was too much for my poor iTunes. The graphic slides are in the second zip file. I didn't actually plan on doing these graphic slides since obviously they're totally not college-y and most of the guys don't actually look 18. Big fail on my part but I still wanted to make some graphics with them and it was quite difficult trying to narrow out their uniform details and whatnot. So in my own world, I figured these would be future scrapbook things but that's just me. D:

If you haven't read T&W or have no idea who these fine gentlemen are, I suggest you get to watching Band of Brothers, The Pacific and Generation kill. The epic trifecta of epic, I say. THEY ARE EPIC. EVERYONE MUST WATCH THEM. And then you can read T&W, it's like an epic sprouted out of epics. An epic within an epic within an epic. Brrrrrmmmmmmm.

So yeah, without further ado! Enjoy the mix, tell ya wives and husbands and all that. ♥

Credit to burgundy_shoes for The Pacific caps and to rommipullo for the Band of Brothers caps.

measure love by any success ⊗ a tired & wired fanmix

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023☆ sgt. brad colbert has gone wing level. can someone declare him hot?

Ok, so I'm actually really terrible at keeping this place alive. Surely you might have noticed that I rarely make any icons now. :/

STILL. Every now and then I obsess over something and then indulge myself in thinking that I need to make a fanmix for whatever it is. In today's case: Generation Kill. I rewatched it recently and I fell in love again. I'M IN LOVE WITH BRAVO ALL OVER AGAIN AND I CAN'T HELP IT. Ugh. It'll be a while before I leave the fandom again but whatever..I might even make a picspam because I love THAT MUCH. Anyway, I just decided to whip this out because OBVIOUSLY I'm not preparing for my final review board and instead focusing on the coding that goes into making this post pretty. I KNOW MY PRIORITIES. And if you don't know what the hell GK is then I suggest you get on it because IT IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL.

This fanmix is dedicated to my beautiful, sunlight_dust whom I never ever really got to properly thank for beta-ing my bigbang back in November. SO, UHM. HERE. TAKE THIS AS MY THANK YOU.

waiting in a world you don't want ╬ a generation kill fanmix

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As you all can imagine, I'm one of the many who may or may not be obsessed with this movie. No, I actually am. (Just yesterday I bought myself a phone charm that's a red die, HAH) It's been a while since I've done a fanmix (and updated this community for that matter, and I deeply apologize for neglecting it) and this movie deserves a billion. I just want to live in Nolan's head forever and ever.

The tracks in mp3 format, some of general and there are some for pairings as well. Due to size and all those shenanigans iTunes does to me, they're broken in two zips (the second one starts with Eames').

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! Please comment if taking, feedback makes my life!
Obviously, there are some spoilers in this, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, I don't recommend it. ALTHOUGH GO SEE IT OMG

i have dreamed a dream || an inception fanmix

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021☆ 2009 in two

So I..lied when I said I'd be back in the summer. To be honest, I've lost my ~*touch*~ on making icons. I'm in art school and still, I can't seem to find the time to sit down and make some things. I honestly don't know what will happen in 2010 but I just can't seem to leave this thing alone. Pfft, I actually pitched in money for this thing, so I must do something. BUT WHATEVER!!

IT'S ALMOST (or already if you're in the faaaar east side of the world) CHRISTMAS. And here is my apoloy gift to you all wonderful bbs. You like music, amirite?

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☆ 01

*Self intro*
So hey guys. I'm the new addition to the Sanguinet staff and I've been totally flaming with excitement about my debut here! Some things you can look forward to from me include idol stuff, anime/manga yummies, and awesome randoms that I'll make on an occasional basis. I'm looking forward to sharing my work and riding on the waves of fun with everyone in this community! Let's reach for the stars together! Yoroshiku! [/end cheese]

Haha okiez without further ado... My first batch of icons!

[10] Aragaki Yui
[05] Ayase Haruka
[03] Eikura Nana
[03] Hamasaki Ayumi
[03] Ikuta Toma
[07] Inoue Mao
[03] Ito Yuna
[08] Mizushima Hiro
[07] Ueto Aya
[06] Smile

[53] Arashi

[09] Lee Hyori
[05] 2PM (Nickkhun)
[05] SNSD (Yuri)


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give us a smile prince song  ♪

♣ 21 !

Hello everyone! And welcome new members! It's about time to see a post from me eh! Hope everyone enjoys it. Ahh look, evenn prince song is smiling :pp
•°[16] eikura nana
•°[20] 2pm
•°[24] seto kouji
•°[28] Photo Shoot: Bijyo Megane (Beauty Glasses)
                  → Aoi Yuu, Aragaki Yui, Asami Reina, Ayase Haruka, Kato Rosa, and Ueno Juri

♠Comments make me smile. Please bring me happiness
♠Textless icons aren't bases buddy. Don't alter them
♠Please credit
snowkis_s @ sanguinet
♠No hotlinking, 'k? =]]
join? watch?

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 Oh damn, I've neglected this community so much lately.
But I'm sure and hope you wonderful people will understand that school has engulfed me. Along with my job. I haven't touched photoshop [okay, that's a lie but for icons] in ages. But I will soon once the summer vay-kay starts kicking in for real.

I know snowkis_s already welcomed wuxxy  and jennifafa  to the comm. So HEY WELCOME! 
You can start posting whenever, all I ask if you is to use the proper tags. :] 
Not gonna lie, this is my baby. BUT I AM EXCITED TO SEE ALL THE UP-COMING POSTS. 

I'm obsessed with football [soocer] so it will probably make up most of my upcoming batch.